Monday, 27 July 2015

Christmas in July part 2

Marc (Daisy-Jayne) has opened her pressies so I can now show you what I sent to her in The Christmas in July Secret Santa Swap...

I borrowed this pic from Marc as I always forget to take a pic of something before I send my parcel off, the top pics were taken in the car outside the post office lol

Thank you again to Cheryll for such being such a great Swap Mumma xx

Saturday, 25 July 2015

Christmas in July Secret Santa Swap

Woohoo today is opening pressies day and I have been totally spoilt!!!!!


And all together..... A huge Thank You to Nanette from Murwillumbah NSW for my gorgeous gifts!! Please let me know your blog addy so I can have a look see at my new friend!!! A big hug to Cheryll for organising this fun swap. I will post what I sent to my partner when I know they have opened their pressie! Happy Christmas In July to everyone hehehehe. I'm heading to the local hall tonight for our P&C Annual Christmas in July Trivia Night!!! I'm the money lady and official marker Ho Ho Ho....

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Hello Mr Postman....

Excited!!!!! My Christmas in July Secret Santa Swap parcel is here...BUT...I have to wait till the 25th to open it ...hehehehe....Hope my partner has received theirs.......

Yes a little dirty, this is the bush lol ....

Here's a pic of mine in the car at the post office lol

I do have another pic but you can see the little extra no will have to wait till Saturday like us all.... 
Happy Stítching

Monday, 20 July 2015

Two finishes lol

I have finally finished and delivered two pirate quilts to my Grandons 3 and 1. Mummy sent me some lovely snuggle pics today of Mr 1 all snuggled in both quilts lol......makes it all worth it!!!

I have been busy with secret sewing of late...but ready to catch up with Natures Journey SAL.....

Sunday, 31 May 2015

Chookshed party update

Unfortunately no sewing but I am with  you all in sewing thoughts. We have the daughter in law, son in law and three grandsons visiting this weekend....was going to crochet by the campfire last night but was worried about the smoke.. might be able to work on my Natures Journey SAL later this sewing but love family time more..

To see what everyone else is up to this weekend, click HERE

Friday, 29 May 2015

Chookshed's Party weekend!

This weekend is the Chooksheds 3rd Birthday. That means your family will have to fend for themselves...pull out the slow cooker and and your UFOs....Its time to celebrate and sew the weekend away.


If you would like to join us or see what's happening this weekend, sign up HERE

Sunday, 24 May 2015

Pin cushion swap...

Ohh happy days, I nearly forgot to open my pincushion from the. Lovely Sue!!!! Isn't it gorgeous, tis an Anni Downs design, who I just love!!!!

Such lovely detail...

And Sues first attempt working with wool.....such a gorgeous job!! thank you soo much Sue!
And I sent this pincushion to the lovely Marina with a few goodies.

Thank you to Susan who organised this great swap, big hugs!'!!